Lisk Nano

Lisk Nano enables the user to send and receive transactions on the Lisk network and provides a simple, minimal feature-set. With Lisk Nano, there is no need for blockchain synchronisation as it connects to official Lisk nodes hosted by the Lisk Foundation. For the use of API calls, voting, being a delegate and other advanced features please use Lisk Core.

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Lisk Nano

Lisk Core enables delegate forging, provides blockchain synchronisation, and includes the complete API for developers. Please note, installing Lisk Core is for advanced technical users looking to build on top of the Lisk Platform, securing the network infrastructure or attain delegate forging access.

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Lisk Nano

The Lisk Foundation is developing various tools to supplement the Lisk platform and provide developers dedicated instruments to operate with the network.

  • Lisk-JS

    • Provides an interface to every API call
    • Local signing for maximum security

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