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We are excited to announce lisk.js 2019 will take place on November 19th, 2019.

Access the power of blockchain

With the Alpha SDK, Lisk provides developers with a set of tools that makes the process of creating blockchain applications quick and easy.

Discover use cases

What can you build with Lisk? Get inspired with a selection of blockchain use cases.

Your blockchain made simple

Lisk's Sidechain Development Kit makes it easy for you to build your own blockchain. Our tools are free for everyone, open source and written in JavaScript. Discover your potential with sidechains.

Learn blockchain

Making blockchain accessible

A shared drive to provide exceptional tools unites our founders Max and Oliver. As a bold visionary and a seasoned developer, they truly understand their community’s ambitions and obstacles. Together with their team, they inspire developers globally to freely create, collaborate, and change the way connected systems work now and tomorrow.


Max and Oliver aim to empower and connect future blockchain creators in a first-of-its-kind community focused blockchain, concentrating on the accessibility of JavaScript, technological and business education, as well as democratic inclusion within the network’s ecosystem.

Meet the team behind Lisk
Max Kordek CEO & Co-Founder
Oliver Beddows CTO & Co-Founder

Development activity

Lisk stands firmly behind a development first approach. Our growing team of engineers is committed to delivering high quality code day in and day out.

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