The future potential of the Lisk application platform
Three simple steps towards your own blockchain application

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Build Incredible Applications

Decentralised blockchain applications will be built on Lisk from the ground up in pure Javascript and take advantage of the powerful Lisk APIs. In addition, every app will run in its own sidechain to ensure that Lisk itself stays safe and scalable.

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// Blockchain Application ============

var sandbox = process.binding('sandbox');

    call: "dapps#receive",
    args: {body: "Hello Lisk!"}

sandbox.onMessage(function (msg, cb) {
    console.log("receive message from lisk", msg.body);

// lisk ======================

var sandbox = new Sandbox("index.js", dappId, function (msg, cb) {
    console.log("receive message from dapp " + dappId, msg.body);
}, true);

sandbox.sendMessage({body: "Hello World!"});;

Easy, Rapid Deployment

The Lisk platform will allow for a multitude of storage options for your blockchain applications. Deploy your code in a .zip archive to services such as GitHub or a web server and once deployed you can register your applications on the Lisk platform by filling in necessary fields like name, description, tags and the download link.

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Unlock the Power of Lisk

The Lisk network is a decentralized powerhouse. By utilizing our extensive user base, end users and developers can find third party nodes to execute future blockchain applications through servers all over the world in a truly decentralized manner.

As a developer, grow the application's user base through the combined efforts of the Lisk Directory and the Lisk global community network.

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  • Store your code on GitHub or your own web server.

    Store your code on GitHub or a web server.
  • Utilize Lisk master nodes to secure your sidechain and execute the code.

    Secured by worldwide decentralized computation of code.
  • Serve up a seamless experience to users like any other app.

    Monetize applications by providing a seamless experience for users.
  • lightcurve
  • Taikonauten
  • WachsmanPR
  • Bitcoin Suisse AG
  • MME
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Blockchain Application Platform

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