Least Authority

External Security Audit

With the goal of ensuring our high-security standards, an external security audit was conducted by Least Authority of Lisk SDK 5.0.0, and the forthcoming Lisk Core 3.0.0. The scope of this audit included all work completed as part of the Network Longevity phase of the Lisk protocol roadmap. The security audit was successfully completed without any major issues being identified.

Discover the Apps Built on Lisk

The Lisk community is working on multiple proof of concept blockchain applications developed with the Lisk SDK.

Lisk DAO

A decentralized platform for the governance and operational processes of communities

Fit Market

A decentralized traceability solution for a healthy food market

Lisk Ticketing

A decentralized ticketing system by creating unique tickets on a blockchain


A decentralized freelance marketplace

Start Building

Develop blockchain applications compatible with the Lisk protocol. No need to learn new languages, everything is being written in JavaScript and TypeScript.

The modular design of the Lisk SDK enables you to realize any kind of blockchain technology use-case.

const { Application, genesisBlockDevnet, configDevnet } = require('lisk-sdk');

const app = new Application(genesisBlockDevnet, configDevnet);

    .then(() => app.logger.info('Blockchain application started...'))
    .catch(error => {
        console.error('Error in the application', error);


Developer Testimonials

Every new version of the Lisk SDK made it easier to create our PoCs and build more complex applications.  

Jurre Machielsen

Jurre Machielsen


Lisk SDK really gave us the chance to become blockchain application developers and not just smart contract developers.


Aldo Suhartono Putra


Lisk Wallet

Lisk Desktop is an all-in-one solution to manage your Lisk account, access and send tokens, or vote for delegates. It combines the functionality of a cryptocurrency wallet with the transparency of a blockchain explorer. Lisk Mobile is your lightweight version ready for on-the-go use.

Wallet dashboard
LSK Token hero


LSK is the name of our utility token. It is used to pay for transaction fees on the Lisk blockchain. LSK is supported by several exchanges and third-party wallets, however, the most recommended way to store and manage your LSK is in the official Lisk wallet, available on both desktop and mobile.


Lisk is operating on a decentralized network, meaning it's unstoppable and always-on. A network no third party can intervene with, run by people all around the globe.

Network Decentralized

Lisk.js 2021

Lisk.js 2021, the annual developer event organized by Lisk, will bring blockchain enthusiasts, developers, community members, and journalists together from all around the world. The two-day event has been designed to cater to all levels of technical knowledge and experience.