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The Brazilian dav1 is the author of the scientific article "A Strategy for Mitigating Denial of Service Attacks on Nodes with Delegate Account of Lisk Blockchain" approved on The 2nd ICBCT 2020 International Conference on Blockchain Technology and published at ACM Digital Library. Dav1 is also award winner of GDT Builder Program with the proof of concept blockchain application called Lisk Restaurant. The main goal of dav1 is to spread the word about Lisk not only in Brazil, but also globally through publishing scientific papers and articles, writing and presenting PoCs, developing software and demonstrating the Lisk SDK in universities. 

About me:

Davi is passionate about software development and he received already several Microsoft certifications. He sold his first software in 2006 after completing his bachelor's degree in Informatics. His project was a combination of two software utilized in Telemedicine: 1 which was able to send ECGs medical reports by email 24h/7 days to several medical centers in Brazil and 2nd one which was receiving the medical reports and automatically print them. He discovered Lisk in 2018 reading a book about blockchains during his Master's program. Since that moment, Lisk became the main reference in blockchains especially due to the engaged community, JavaScript, and its active development. 


The goal of Lisk Japan is to spread awareness about Lisk in the local market. Some of the important contributions to the ecosystem are the translations of the "What is Lisk" page on in Japanese, as well as the translated articles published by Lisk Magazine. This will allow the local community to have access to Lisk updates and achievements in their own language, increasing the accessibility for the non-native English speakers.

About me:

Lisk Japan was founded in order to promote the Lisk ecosystem in Japan. We have a total of 4 members (@LISKer, @mdmg, @Uzamaru, @LiskJapanDelegate) with a mix of development and marketing skills. LISKer is the founder and community leader of Lisk Japan and is well versed in the entertainment industry. He specializes in web, print, design, and marketing, and is working on Lisk Japan's website and WordPress themes as part of our efforts to promote the Lisk ecosystem in Japan. 


Minions is the author of multiple tools and ongoing projects within the Lisk ecosystem. He offers support by troubleshooting issues with new releases and helps community members who encounter technical problems. He is also an active community member on, welcoming new members in the Lisk community and engaging with them in discussions.

About me:

Minions has been a key community member since 2018 when he joined Lisk as a creator of Lisk tools. He also became a moderator and contributor across several social media channels such as, Telegram, and Facebook. Later in 2018, he won the Lisk Community Awards in the category "Most Helpful Lisker". Minions is a dedicated community member, being active daily in the Lisk community.

Raphael Moosty
Raphael | Moosty

Moosty is a multidisciplinary project team working on a diverse set of innovative solutions. Specifically focusing on blockchain/decentralization related initiatives. The team consists of three members: Sander (Corbifex), Raphael, Jurre.


About me:

Raphael has been a Lisk community member since early 2017. He started his own company in 2013 and dived into blockchain technology to explore the possibilities for the music industry. He is a self-taught front-end programmer in the Moosty team and responsible for the finances of Lisk Center Utrecht. Raphael is a driving force behind new Lisk SDK proof of concept ideas.

Benjamin Crypto_Embassy

Crypto_Embassy is a team led by two brothers living in France (Brest). They have been providing their Blockchain services since early 2017, ranging from having their own OTC exchange to giving courses to engineering schools, helping companies to use Blockchain and hosting several meet-ups. Their latest project is called “Lisk Pay”, a WooCommerce Plugin that will help any online store to accept Lisk payments in seconds.

About me:

Benjamin has been following cryptocurrencies from the early days of Bitcoin. Having studied electronics and game theory during his education, he quickly understood the importance cryptocurrencies and blockchain could have in the future. Being a full-stack developer and having built his own web company in the mid 2000s, Lisk came naturally to him. Benjamin and his brother, Jordan, have been part of the Lisk community since its debuts becoming Lisk Ambassadors in 2018. Together they hope to keep providing tools and represent Lisk as best as they can.


FeatChain is a proof of concept blockchain application built by Jonathan ‘JesusTheHun’ Massuchetti as a participant in the Lisk Builders program. The project aims to be a verifiable single source of truth for people's achievements. More details about his project can be read in his blog post.

About me:

Jonathan ‘JesusTheHun’ Massuchetti is an early Lisk adopter who supports the developer community on a technical side. Being a software architect with a strong interest in distributed and decentralized systems, his interest in Lisk has been immediate. Therefore, Jonathan was involved in several projects such as Lisk Bike PoC, and later on, he was also selected as a participant in the Lisk Builder program for his proof of concept blockchain application; FeatChain. Back in November 2019, Jonathan won the first prize at the Lisk.js coding challenge.

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Coworking spaces, event locations and incubators for Lisk-based projects around the world. Entirely free of charge for anyone to use.

Lisk Center Utrecht

Lisk Center Utrecht

Learn, work and grow at the blockchain hub of the Netherlands

Lisk Center Tokyo

Lisk Center Tokyo

A thriving environment for blockchain startups in Japan

Lisk Center Berlin

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Developer Tools Built By Community Members

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Lisk SDK Boilerplate

By Corbifex

A Lisk node boilerplate to start development.

Tic Tac Toe

By Korben3

Lisk Tic Tac Toe is a game demo build in JavaScript with Lisk Elements.

Lisk NMS

By 5an1ty

A small Command Line Interface (CLI) tool to manage your node.

RxLisk Swift 5 Library

By Sayler8182

Interact with the core Lisk API for retrieval of collections and single records of data.


By TonyT908

Provides visual analysis of  transactions on the Lisk blockchain.

Lisk Rescue

By Carbonara

Recover Lisk funds from non conventional passphrases.

Lisk PHP

By Karek314

An interface to interact with the Lisk network via PHP, CLI tool and library for PHP projects.

Lisk Red Phone

By Hirish

Delegate utility that makes phone calls if a node is not forging.

Lisk Genesis 

By Corbifex

Customize a genesis block for your blockchain app prototype.

Data Field Search

By Tonyt908

Search the Lisk blockchain for transactions containing a data field that meet a set criteria. 

Lisk Download File

By S3x0r

Download pictures and files that are sent to the Lisk network with Lisk Send File.

Lisk Nomo

By 5an1ty and webmaster128

Node monitor for nomo downtime. Lisk Nomo is tailored for the new Lisk Core 1.x release.


By Lisk.Builders

A library for Lisk under a permissive license.

Lisk Argus

By webmaster128 and Slamper

Monitoring software that keeps track of the Lisk network.

Lisk HD Key

By Alepop

A Typescript based module that provides addition functionality for Lisk Key Derivation.

Lisk Ticker

By Alepop

A simple Chrome Extension showing current Lisk price ticker.

Lisk RB

By 4fryn

A simple Ruby wrapper for the Lisk API.

Lisk Network Stats

By Karek314

Visual interface for tracking the Lisk network status.

Lisk Network Reporter

By Karek314

Backend service that tracks the Lisk network status and fetches data through the API.

Lisk Core Raspberry Pi

By zOwn3Ds

A tutorial on how to run Lisk Core on a raspberry pi.

Lisk Send File

By S3x0r

A tool to upload pictures and files to the Lisk network.

Lisk Prettify

By frakilk

Formats raw LSK amounts by adding decimals and commas.

Lisk Pending

By Tonyt908

Calculate pending payouts for all individuals and pools that your Lisk account is voting for. 

Lisk Listen

By Hirish

A user interface that visualizes Lisk transactions occurring on the network.

Total Payouts

By Lisk.Support

Calculate the total payouts that your Lisk account has earned.

Lisk Excel

By Tonyt908

Gathers Lisk transactions based on your criteria and downloads them into an Excel file

Lisk Buttons

By Alepop

Provides re-usable buttons for sending Lisk payments and receiving votes.

Lisk Play

By Lemii

Predict the price of Bitcoin on 2019-03-01 (00:00 UTC) and win the jackpot.

Lisk Delegate Payouts

By Lemii

Calculate voting rewards for individual delegates and pools.

Lisk Auto Toggler

By Lemii

A script that ensures that forging on your Lisk node stays enabled.

Missed Block Alarm

By Tonyt908

Lightweight, browser-based, alarm for Lisk Delegates when a block is missed.

Lisk Balance History

By Tonyt908

Check the balance of a Lisk address from any moment in time.


By Lemii

Calculate your passive income with real time fiat value at the time of block generation.

Lisk Avatar

By Elevate

Generate Lisk Avatars from your Lisk account ID.

Vote History

By Tonyt908

Search for voting history based on the criteria that you set. 

Lisk CSV Export

By Elevate

Export your Lisk transactions as a CSV file.

Vote Manager

By 5an1ty and Alepop

Optimize payouts you receive from delegates by using this voting manager.

Lisk Height Checker

By cc001

Bash script to check the block height and Lisk version on configured nodes.

Yet Another Lisk Pool

By Alepop

A simple pool script for Lisk.

Lisk Airdrop

By Bioly

CLI tool for making airdrop's at Lisk blockchain.

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