Lisk Bike

By Lisk Center Utrecht

A decentralized bicycle sharing marketplace

Lisk Supply Chain

By Lightcurve

A decentralized supply chain tracking system using an IoT device

Lisk Roulette

By Moosty

A decentralized, fully deterministic game of roulette


Lisk Inviter

By Lemii of Sidechain Solutions

A decentralized app to validate and control event attendees



By Karek of

A decentralized, fully deterministic game of dice


Lisk Directory

By Moosty

A decentralized directory for delegate information and selection


Lisk DEX

By Jondubois

A decentralized exchange for blockchains built with the Lisk SDK


Global Data Chain

By Korben3

A decentralized database for storing global datasets



By cc001

A decentralized crowdfunding platform



By Sidechain Solutions

A decentralized archive for storing and verifying websites



By JesusTheHun

A decentralized proof of skills and achievements


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