Lisk Bike

Builders Program

By Lisk Center Utrecht

A decentralized bicycle sharing marketplace

Lisk Supply Chain

By Lightcurve

A decentralized supply chain tracking system using an IoT device

Lisk Roulette

By Moosty

A decentralized, fully deterministic game of roulette


Lisk Inviter

By Lemii of Sidechain Solutions

A decentralized app to validate and control event attendees



By Karek of

A decentralized, fully deterministic game of dice


Lisk DEX

By Jondubois

A decentralized exchange for blockchains built with the Lisk SDK


Global Data Chain

By Korben3

A decentralized database for storing global datasets



Builders Program

By Sidechain Solutions

A decentralized archive for storing and verifying websites



Builders Program

By JesusTheHun

A decentralized proof of skills and achievements application


Lisk Bills

By Lightcurve

Lisk Bills: A Blockchain Invoicing Application



Decentralized Organization Chain

Builders Program

By Korben3

A decentralized blockchain application to receive funding and investors to influence company decisions.


Arcado Network

Builders Program

By Michiel Mulders and Endro

A decentralized reward system to any multiplayer game.


Smart Inventory

Builders Program

By Lemii

A decentralized application tracking history and life path of valuable items.


Lisk DAO

Builders Program

By Lisk Center Utrecht

A decentralized platform for the governance and operational processes of communities


Recurring payments

Builders Program

By Moosty

A decentralized platform to build a deterministic contract between two parties.


Lisk Pixels

By Korben3

An app to create pixel art on the blockchain.


Lisk Crowd

Builders Program

By Moosty

A decentralized regulated crowdfund platform


Fit Market

Builders Program

By Sebastian Priolo

A decentralized traceability solution for a healthy food market


Lisk Voice

Builders Program

By AlinB

A decentralized text and file messenger through IPFS


Nash Stablecoin

Builders Program

By Kasra

A Proof-of-Concept algorithmic stablecoin


Lisk Ride

Builders Program

By Blackjmxx

A community platform that connects drivers with free
seats with passengers looking for a ride in the same direction


Lisk Ticketing

Builders Program

By Moosty

A decentralized ticketing system by creating unique tickets on a blockchain



Builders Program

By Aldo

A decentralized freelance marketplace


Smart Transport

Builders Program

By Caspar Roelofs and Marc Buma

Uses a Tangem smartcard (NFC) to secure a package using the Lisk SDK.