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Our SDK hides the actual complexity of blockchain as much as possible and makes blockchain application development easy to understand, even for beginner developers.

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SDK Architecture

The Lisk SDK operates on the NodeJS runtime and consists primarily of an application framework (Lisk Framework), a collection of libraries providing blockchain application functionalities (Lisk Elements), and a powerful Command Line Interface (Lisk Commander) which allows developers to manage a Lisk node instance and interact with a Lisk compatible network.

Lisk SDK Architecture
Lisk Framework


Lisk Framework is an application framework responsible for establishing and maintaining the interactions between the modules of a Lisk blockchain application.

Lisk Elements


Lisk Elements is a JavaScript library containing several separately-installable npm packages, each covering a distinct region of Lisk-related functionality.

Lisk Commander


Lisk Commander is a Command Line Interface tool designed to be a low entry point and the most convenient tool for developers who are looking for an efficient way of coding.

Take a Deep Dive Into Industry Proof of Concepts

Hello World

The Hello World tutorial explains how to use and how to implement custom transactions with the Lisk SDK. This custom transaction will extract the "hello" key value from the transaction asset property and save to the senders account.

Transport tutorial

The goal is to create a simple decentralized supply chain tracking system. The participants of the network can send, transport and receive packets with each other.
For the transportation of the packet, a simple trust system is implemented, that enables the sender to set certain requirements for the carrier of the packet.

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