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Create Your Own Blockchain

1. Generate your own white label sidechain

You've made the decision to build your own blockchain application with Lisk, congratulations! As soon as our sidechain modules for Lisk Commander become available, you will be able to use the command line interface to easily conduct sidechain development.


Lisk Commander will help you create a cryptographically-secure genesis block or bundle vital sidechain components. These components include Lisk Core's essentials, such as an efficient P2P WebSocket transport layer or a standardized account ledger system.


Another tool empowering your sidechain is Lisk Elements, a collection of many useful libraries, such as consensus algorithms, pre-defined transaction types and the API. Important sidechain parts are drawn from Lisk Elements to achieve a shared cryptography, have an extensible API and extendable transaction types.


With the support of Lisk Commander, Lisk Elements and Lisk Core, you will end up with your own white label sidechain. Of course, next you will want to add more functionalities to make your sidechain an unstoppable decentralized powerhouse.

2. Customize your sidechain

What is a sidechain without its own token? With Lisk, you will be able to create your own token right in Lisk Hub, without a single line of code, on Lisk’s main blockchain.


To get the most out of your sidechain, integrate your token so it can be used to pay for the sidechain’s functionalities and associated fees. Your community will also benefit from your token, no longer needing to hold multiple tokens or cryptocurrencies to use the sidechain you’ve been working so hard on.


Integrating a token and adding your own functionalities through new transaction types can be done effortlessly in Lisk Commander. You will also be able to exchange existing components with your own creations and add unique logic to your sidechain.


Upon releasing the Lisk Sidechain Development Kit (SDK), we will put more emphasis on expanding the Lisk Elements library through bounties, which will truly decentralize development. Lisk Elements will offer every developer in the world the ability to contribute useful modules, algorithms, scripts and example transaction types. It will be similar to what npm is doing for Node.js.

3. From sidechain to application

Developing a sidechain is the first step towards your complete blockchain application on Lisk’s platform. Your next step will involve creating a beautifully designed interface with an exceptional user experience. Thanks to the solid Lisk API there are no restrictions on how you create a user interface for your sidechain.


Craft a web app with popular libraries like React and use a full stack of developer tools, from Bower or Sass to Grunt. Alternatively, if you decide to build an iOS or Android app, feel free to use all of their existing environments to come up with a stable interface.


At Lisk, we are big proponents of JavaScript and web apps. Therefore, we always recommend to develop a web app with the standards we have set in our Lisk Template repository on GitHub - go check it out!

4. Test, deploy and promote your app

This is everything you will need to create a blockchain application with a seamless user interface and a multitude of custom features. From our experience, you probably forgot one thing though, testing!


Be mindful that your sidechain and user facing app could be responsible for securing a lot of value on a huge network. That's why at the Lisk Foundation we take testing extremely serious and you should too! Lisk Commander provides you with a full test suite for all lines of our code. Your job now is to extend it by writing tests for the code you have added. Testing is for your own and your users’ security.


Once testing is complete, you'll want to try out the application in a controlled environment, aka a Testnet. In Testnet, check your app to see if everything is working as it should and that there aren't any irregular events.


Last but not least, you now have to make your blockchain application available to the public. Before doing so, first consider how you will incentivize users to secure your sidechain and how you will promote your application to be the most popular app within the whole blockchain industry.

Build Better Blockchains


Start coding with the most commonly used programming language in the world, JavaScript.


Personalize all aspects of your sidechain including tokens, transactions and consensus.


Utilize sidechains separate from the main blockchain for greater scalability.


Sidechain development does not disrupt Lisk's main network or any other sidechain.

Open source

Benefit from transparency, community contributions and security.


Leverage our Ed25519 scheme for military-grade cryptography securing the platform.


Experiment freely in isolation without worrying about rogue code impacting the mainchain.


Deploy your sidechain with ease and choose hosts to run and secure it.

Our Suite of Tools

Whether you want to create a custom sidechain or connect your application to that sidechain, Lisk offers a variety of tools to maintain your blockchain application with ease.

Lisk Hub

Lisk Hub

Lisk Hub is an all-in-one solution to manage your Lisk ID, access and send LSK tokens, as well as vote for delegates. It combines functionality from the former wallet and blockchain explorer. In the future, Lisk Hub will feature sidechain registration and the ability to launch your own ICO.

Lisk Mobile

Lisk Mobile

Lisk Mobile is a wallet offering standard transaction and account balance functions with soon to be added smartphone features like Face ID and Touch ID for improved UX. Advanced delegate features are currently limited to our desktop wallet, Lisk Hub.

Lisk Core

Lisk Core

Lisk Core is a tool for advanced technical users who want to access Lisk’s main network blockchain data, secure the network infrastructure or attain delegate forging access.

Lisk Commander

Lisk Commander

Lisk Commander is a CLI to the Lisk Core APIs. In the future it will support you in bootstrapping and managing your sidechain.

$ npm install --global --production lisk-commander

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Lisk Elements

Lisk Elements

Lisk Elements is a collection of libraries, such as the shared cryptography, an API representation, transaction logic for local signing and important constants for the ecosystem.

$ npm install lisk-js --save

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Our Sidechain Development Kit

The Sidechain Development Kit (SDK) features a growing collection of modules for programming a blockchain application customized to your needs. The SDK consists of four powerful tools: Lisk Commander, Lisk Elements, Lisk Core and the Lisk Hub. Each tool has its own respective role.


WebSocket-based P2P communications.


Standardized PKI infrastructure and cryptography.


PostgreSQL based persistence layer.


HTTP and WebSocket based API calls.


Expandable and customizable transaction types.


Collection of blockchain consensus protocols.

Get Started with Lisk

Create your first Lisk ID on the Lisk Hub and learn about the technical side of Lisk in the documentation. If you’re new to blockchain, the Lisk Academy is a one-stop-shop to master the basics.