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Lisk Research

What are LIPs?

Lisk Improvement Proposals (LIPs) are thoroughly researched technical documents designed to be robustly debated. Proposals are intended to be the primary mechanism for introducing protocol changes on the Lisk network by gathering community feedback and consent.

LIPs take us one step further on our journey to achieve a decentralized and open-source blockchain ecosystem, one in which everyone reaps the benefits of transparent and open discussion along with constructive feedback of the wider Lisk developer community.

To put it simple the objectives disclosed on the new roadmap provide a clear indication of Lisk’s direction, while LIPs provide the scientific backbone to this direction.

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How to submit a proposal

If you would like to submit a compliant and technologically feasible LIP, please make sure to first read the contribution guidelines outlined in LIP-0001.

Step 1

Check idea feasibility

Join the LIP mailing list and search past discussions to see if the idea is original and feasible.

Step 2

Present and discuss idea

Create a new thread on the LIP mailing list to vet an idea publicly before going as far as writing a LIP is meant to save both the potential author and the wider community time.

Step 3

Draft proposal on GitHub

After the discussion on our mailing list, create a pull request on GitHub following the contribution guidelines.

Step 4

Development of alpha release

After reviewing the proposal on GitHub, the Lisk Foundation will carefully deliberate, considering community popularity and traction, and the feasibility of the proposal. After, the Lisk Foundation can instruct Lightcurve to begin development of an alpha implementation.

Step 5

Implement beta release on testnet

The Lightcurve development team will then build the beta implementation, to be released on Testnet. Once work on the Beta implementation begins, the status of the LIP will be changed to “proposed”.

Step 6

Proposal activated on mainnet

Lightcurve will prepare the release for the Mainnet. Once this release has been accepted by the majority of the nodes on the network, we can consider the proposal to have achieved full consensus, and the LIP’s status is changed to “active”.

Join the forum

Read ideas previously presented, propose and debate new ideas, and stay informed when new improvements are discussed.

Start a discussion

Read proposals

Read the scientific research proposals in more detail on GitHub.

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Contribute your idea

Do you have an idea to improve Lisk? Join the mailing list and start a new thread to present it.

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Lisk Research FAQ

The statements made herein and via other means of communication in relation to the Lisk roadmap are not guarantees but express current intention and describe potential. Use of the information available in this document or otherwise related to the Lisk roadmap as well as any use of the Lisk products is subject to the terms of use of the Lisk website including the Lisk privacy policy as well as all applicable laws. The information contained herein is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment, financial, or other advice.