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Lisk Center Utrecht Meetup #7


Lisk Center Utrecht core team welcomes you to join their monthly meetup.

This meetup will have something for everyone in the blockchain scene, regardless of whether you are a long-term blockchain enthusiast looking for the latest information about the Lisk Center Utrecht, a blockchain fan or an absolute beginner looking to explore the technology.


One of the projects we will talk about this evening is Chromia.

Chromia is a relational blockchain designed to make it much easier to make complex and scalable Dapps. Chromia gives power to developers to give power to the public.

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Riccardo Sibani, Blockchain Developer

Lisk Center Utrecht

Lisk Center Utrecht (LCU) is a non-profit organisation and  opened her doors a the end of February 2019. The Lisk Center Utrecht has been founded with the idea to bring together entrepreneurs and innovators, to share their ideas to create a fair and sustainable future, using blockchain technology.

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