Applying database snapshots

You can create a snapshot of the database in your Docker or Source-based installation. The process is quite similar for both and is explained in the following sections.

Applying snapshots using Docker

With regard to applying snapshots for the Docker installation, the configurations to sync Lisk Service from an existing snapshot can be used to speed up the sync process. It is possible to enable or create a snapshot of the MySQL and Maria database, and the available snapshot configurations can be found in the Lisk Service configuration reference page. To create either a MariaDB or a MySQL snapshot, set the ENABLE_APPLY_SNAPSHOT to true in the Indexer Service configuration.

To enable the relevant snapshot to be imported automatically, please ensure to set the aforementioned parameters above before starting the service. With regard to the MariaDB the configurations will be the same as the MySQL DB.

The MARIADB_ROOT_PASSWORD/MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD and MARIADB_PASSWORD/MYSQL_PASSWORD must not contain any of the non-ASCII characters, for example, ¡, ¢, £, etc.

Applying snapshots using Source

The same instructions are applicable with regard to the Source based installation, as listed above in the Docker section.