Lisk SDK


The Lisk SDK is an open-source software development kit which enables developers to build scalable blockchain applications in JavaScript.


The most important highlights and features of the Lisk SDK:

  • One blockchain per app: blockchain applications each run on their own customized blockchain.

  • Programming language: JS logo (JavaScript) & TS logo (TypeScript)

  • Consensus algorithm: Lisk DPoS & Lisk BFT

  • Completely modular: Configure, exchange or extend any of the blockchain related logic in the application with Modules and assets and Plugins.

  • Convenient development tools:

    • Lisk Commander:

      • Bootstrap a complete default blockchain application with a single command.

      • Generate skeletons for modules, assets, and plugins.

      • Use the Lisk SDK libraries directly in the terminal via the interactive Lisk console.

      • Many other convenient CLI tools such as creating accounts, encrypting passphrases / messages and more.

    • Dashboard plugin: Communicate conveniently with your blockchain application during development via a dashboard.

    • SDK testing utilities: simplifies the testing of all components of a blockchain application by providing dedicated fixtures, mocks, and utility functions.

  • Interoperable (coming soon, see roadmap): Make your app interoperable with other blockchain applications, by registering it as a sidechain on the Lisk mainchain.