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Lisk Documentation

To onboard you efficiently, we’ve updated our documentation to reflect the most common actions that developers take on our site. Now you can easily find the information that is most relevant based on what you want to learn.

What is Lisk? Our vision at Lisk is to empower individuals to create a more decentralized, efficient and transparent global economy. All of this isn't possible without your help.

Getting started

What are you here to learn how to do? We've tailored our getting started guides directly to your needs.

Action Description
Build a blockchain application - Follow the Alpha SDK step by step guide
- Check out the Hello World and Cashback tutorials
Maintain a node - Deploy a node in less than 5 minutes
- Maintain your existing [Binary | Docker | Source] node
Interact with the network - Interact through the API and install useful tools to facilitate the process.
Get to know the protocol Learn the underlying logic and technical concepts behind the Lisk Protocol including its consensus algorithm, security, blocks, transactions and peer communications.

Developer Tools and User Interfaces

Tool Description
Lisk SDK The Lisk SDK aims to provide an easy and reliable software development kit for building blockchain applications which are compatible with the Lisk Protocol.
Lisk SDK > Lisk Framework Lisk Framework is an application framework responsible for establishing and maintaining the interactions between the modules of a Lisk blockchain application.
Lisk SDK > Lisk Elements Lisk Elements is a collection of libraries, each of them implementing some form of blockchain application functionality such as cryptography, transactions, p2p, etc. Each library is designed to be compatible with the Lisk Protocol.
Lisk SDK > Lisk Commander Lisk Commander is a command line tool which allows you to manage a Lisk node instance and interact with a Lisk compatible network.
Lisk Core The software needed to run a node on the Lisk Mainchain.
Lisk Explorer Lisk Explorer is a tool that visualizes the vast information from Lisk's blockchain.
Lisk Hub Lisk Hub is the official desktop wallet that enables you to send LSK tokens, as well as vote for delegates and much more.
Lisk Mobile Lisk Mobile is the official Lisk wallet for iOS and Android.

How to Contribute

Thanks to our developer community, there are over 80 tools built that you can make use of.
There are several ways to participate as a developer:

How Where
Contribute to the codebase LiskHQ Github is the place to be! Be sure to follow our Contribution Guidelines before submitting any code.
Suggest edits to documentation Contribute to the Lisk Documentation on Github! Be sure to follow our Contribution Guidelines before submitting any code.
Propose ideas to improve the protocol Discuss future changes of the protocol with our research team and community members at
Hunt for bugs We value community contributions to the mission of building and maintaining a secure network. Read the submission guidelines to get started.


We've put together a list of helpful links that will guide you to the appropriate forum to get your questions answered quickly.