The Lisk white paper will be published Q1 2017.

Open Source

The Lisk Team is a strong supporter of open source software. Due to the fact that Lisk is also a financial platform, it is self-evident that the source code is public for everyone. If you want to work on Lisk please get in contact with us, we will gladly integrate you in our development process.

// Blockchain Application ============

var sandbox = process.binding('sandbox');

    call: "dapps#receive",
    args: {body: "Hello Lisk!"}

sandbox.onMessage(function (msg, cb) {
    console.log("receive message from lisk", msg.body);

// lisk ======================

var sandbox = new Sandbox("index.js", dappId, function (msg, cb) {
    console.log("receive message from dapp " + dappId, msg.body);
}, true);

sandbox.sendMessage({body: "Hello World!"});;

White Paper

How the Lisk core works