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Mona Bärenfänger

Student Assistant at lightcurve

As Lisk’s only Student Assistant, Mona spends her time doing technical documentation among many other things and of course, soaking up as much knowledge as she can. Prior to Lisk, she built the backend and middleware for a learning app for the Chamber of Crafts in Berlin. In 2012, she co-founded online marketplace Fairmondo. From the moment she first learned about blockchain, she realized it has the potential to be more than a digital asset - it can be the key to combating internet monopolies. It will also help users take back control over their own data. She built her first web page as a teenager - to promote saving the rainforest. Mona is currently working towards her Bachelor of Science in Media Informatics at Beuth University.

“Coding is an art. You start with a blank canvas on which you can create anything.”