Lisk is the future and we are here to build it

The Lisk team truly epitomizes the spirit of open source development and public collaborations. Everyone can help out building Lisk, either by writing tutorials, cutting videos, promoting the platform, supporting the community, being a country ambassador or developing the core. Just get in contact with us!

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Meet the Team behind Lisk
Max Kordek

Max is a futurist and thoroughbred entrepreneur who is interested in disruptive technologies. Having a rich experience in the blockchain industry and seeing the potential of blockchain-based applications, he co-founded Lisk. A blockchain application platform for JavaScript developers which caused a stir when it collected 14000 BTC in its crowd fund early 2016.

Oliver Beddows

Oliver is a full stack developer with over 15 years experience in developing web based e-commerce applications. He joined Crypti (Lisk's predecessor) in early 2015 as a tools developer, and went on to build tools such as the CryptiChain Blockchain Explorer and CryptiKit, a node deployment and management tool. He is a husband, father, amateur time-trialist, open-source advocate, and works tirelessly to build a better future for Lisk everyday.

Joel Fernández

Joel is a blockchain technology enthusiast, research scientist and aspiring programmer. He spent the last five years avidly researching the radical innovations of crypto-currencies and their role in reducing centralized inefficiencies. As the community manager he will serve as the link between the community and the developers while managing content creation, media marketing and customer relations.

Isabella Dell

Isabella is a Unix and Database specialist with over five years worth of experience in blockchain technology. In her role with Lisk she will secure the blockchain’s present and future by leveraging the unique combination of software it provides. She spends her spare time immersed in antique computers, aquatic life and electronics repair.

Ricardo Ferro

Ricardo is a full stack developer with over 15 years of experience in web development. He has worked with a multitude of web technologies, lately his main focus is on JavaScript and NodeJS. Working since 10 years in a traffic monitoring company as a developer and team leader, he has build up an astonishing portfolio of skills. He is a developer at heart and loves NodeJS, that is why he became extremely intrigued by Lisk.

  • Charles Hoskinson
    Charles Hoskinson
    Input Output HK

    Senior Adviser
  • Steven Nerayoff
    Steven Nerayoff
    Maple Ventures

    Senior Adviser
  • Boris Povod
    Boris Povod

    Technical Adviser
  • Axel Hellinger
    Axel Hellinger
    Kanzlei Hellinger

    Legal Adviser
Country Ambassadors

Lisk is building up a team of country based ambassadors to help spread the word about the power of the Lisk network. These roles typically include translations of relevant content, community organization, and the creation of small meetup groups. If you love Lisk and would like to be an ambassador for Lisk in your Country, please send a message to Max Kordek. Please note that the country ambassadors are often not the Bitcointalk thread starters, please don't confuse them.

China Lisk AmbassadorsChina
  • Luiz Chen
Germany Lisk AmbassadorsGermany
  • Daniel B.
Netherlands Lisk AmbassadorsNetherlands
  • Nick Friedrich
Puerto Rico Lisk AmbassadorsPuerto Rico
  • Joel Fernández
Ukraine Lisk AmbassadorsUkraine
  • Kostayntyn Ahafontsev
Romania Lisk AmbassadorsRomania
  • Stefan Neagu
Russia Lisk AmbassadorsRussia
  • Denis Smirnov
Australia Lisk AmbassadorsAustralia
  • Daniel Vassilev
Brazil Lisk AmbassadorsBrazil
  • Samuel Heinrichs
Conference Attendance
  • √ BlueYard: Decentralized & Encrypted
    1st June 2016
  • √ Global Blockchain Summit
    22nd - 24th June 2016
  • √ FoundersDevelopers
    1st July 2016
  • √ BIP 001: Black Sea Edition
    7th July 2016
  • √ Bitcoin Wednesday
    3rd August 2016
  • √ Global Blockchain Roadshow
    6th August 2016
  • √ Euroforum: Blockchain an einem Tag
    19th September 2016
  • √ International Blockchain Week
    19th-24th September 2016
  • √ Golden Drum
    20th October 2016
  • √ StartupCon
    27th October 2016
  • √ Web Summit
    7th-10th November 2016
  • 33C3
    27th-30th December 2016
From Crypti to Lisk

In June 16th, 2014 it all began with Crypti and the Crypti Foundation. A founding team of 5 members set themselves the goal to develop a great cryptocurrency platform for decentralized applications and sidechains, they collected 750 BTC in their ICO and developed the platform for over one year. Max and Oliver were early members of the team and foundation. At the turn of the year 2016 ideologies were drifting apart and we decided to make our own platform called Lisk. It is being developed in a complete open source and public manner, and in collaboration with the Lisk community.

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The Team

Building Lisk since 2016