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Lisk Foundation

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Mission Statement

The Lisk Foundation was created by Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows in an effort to empower and connect future blockchain creators. Lisk’s biggest goals are to lower barriers and foster widespread blockchain adoption. Utilizing the accessible language of JavaScript, Lisk removes the intimidation factor that is often associated with this technology.


The power of education and democratic inclusion will also change the way connected systems work now and tomorrow. With the help of board member Benedikt Schuppli, Oliver and Max support the Lisk Foundation and its greater ecosystem in promoting the advantages of blockchain technology.

Team Doubles

December 2018 Team Doubles

The team is expected to double in size with a headcount of at least 80 people by the end of 2018.

Lisk core

August 2018 Lisk Core 1.0

Core 1.0 will ramp up network efficiency, scalability and stability.

Lisk relaunch

February 2018 Lisk Relaunch

Lisk hosts a relaunch event to unveil its new website, branding, product names and client interface.

Team Expansion

November 2017 Team Expansion

Lisk expands to include over 40 team members and several contractors contributing to the project each day.

Command Line Tool

August 2017 Command Line Tool

Lisk Commander (formerly Lisky) was released as a low entry point tool for anyone interested in making use of Lisk’s functionality from the command line with ease.

Wallet Release

June 2017 Wallet Release

The launch of Lisk Nano 1.0.0 marked the first major product release for Lisk.

Lightcurve GmbH

January 2017 Lightcurve GmbH

Lightcurve is a blockchain consultancy founded by Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows as a means to support the Lisk ecosystem in both business strategy and development.

Lisk Foundation

December 2016 Lisk Foundation

The Lisk Foundation is established in Zug, Switzerland, which has become known today as Crypto Valley.

Lisk ICO

March 2016 Lisk ICO

Max Kordek & Oliver Beddows propose the idea for Lisk and raise 14,000 BTC in an ICO, placing it as the 2nd most successful cryptocurrency crowdfunding at the time.


Total (May 19, 2019)
Lisk Assets
Lisk Foundation
4,344,796 LSK
Lisk Bounty
2,776,004 LSK
Lisk Advisors
761,746 LSK
Crypto Assets
3,228 BTC
Bitcoin Cash
8,489 BCH
Bitcoin Gold
8,489 BTG
62,243 GBYTE

Spending Forecast