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Take full control of your LSK tokens

Secure Storage

Schnorr signatures and a 2nd passphrase option make Lisk Hub an extra-safe storage for your LSK tokens.

Actively Participate

Your voice matters. Participate in the Lisk network by voting for delegates.

Intuitive Interface

Lisk Hub’s friendly UI makes for a quick and easy onboarding.

Lisk Hub enables you to

Instantly create your Lisk account

Get your first Lisk ID and initialize your account in no time. Eliminate all confusion with Lisk Hub’s helpful onboarding tutorial. You can even register a second passphrase and lock your ID to make sure your LSK holdings are extra secure.

Easily send and receive LSK tokens

Your new Lisk wallet enables you to attach a personal message to each outgoing LSK transaction and to see the USD/EUR value of the LSK tokens you’re about to send. The transaction detail page and transaction memo functionality transform Lisk Hub into the most advanced LSK wallet available.

Actively participate in the Lisk ecosystem

Search, view and vote for Lisk delegates on the network. Support your chosen delegates in the Explorer section. Lisk Hub gives you the opportunity to request a Lisk feature and allows you to register to become a delegate.

Conveniently track updates on the dashboard

Use the Lisk Hub dashboard to search for delegates, follow other accounts or review all balances and past transactions on the Lisk network. Stay up-to-date in real time with the built-in Lisk Twitter feed.

Upcoming Lisk Hub Features

Hardware wallet support (Ledger and Trezor)

New and improved UI/UX

Full-featured blockchain explorer

Network monitoring for delegates and developers

Market monitoring for investors

Register the name of your app

ICO suite with custom token creation tools

Guided Tutorials

Watch Video

Watch Video

Watch Video

Watch Video

Watch Video

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Meet Lisk Mobile

Manage your Lisk transactions on the go. Simple login using Face ID or Touch ID.

Get Lisk Mobile

Lisk Hub vs. Lisk Mobile

Lisk Hub Lisk Mobile
Face ID & Touch ID login
Create & manage account
Check account balance
Send & receive LSK tokens
Include a custom memo to your transaction
Register a 2nd passphrase
Register to become a Lisk delegate
Vote for delegates

Explore Lisk Hub 1.7.0

Take full control of your LSK tokens