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How do I vote for a delegate?

You can vote for a Lisk Delegate using any Lisk products to execute the vote action. With Lisk Hub we make these actions easy through the intuitive UI we've designed for our users.

Voting for delegates in Lisk Hub involves enabling delegates in settings, clicking into the delegates tab, landing in the delegates/voting section, then selecting the delegates who you're interested in. Find the ones who will offer value to the Lisk eco-system and who share similar network values as you.

On the left-hand side of the delegate page, a dedicated visual window displays your voting actions and allows you to confirm your vote selections by executing them onto the Lisk network.

With delegates being the individuals who influence and secure the Lisk network, chosen by the community, we vigorously recommend researching thoroughly to make up your own mind about which delegate is the right fit for the Lisk network and ecosystem. To aid in this decision, there are several community-created services, which you can check. A public online search will lead you to such community services.

You can vote for any delegate registered on the network. If you want to keep supporting the same delegates, you only need to vote for them once. You always have the option to change your votes at any time to support other delegates. 

Written by Lisk - Updated Oct 16