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What are the phases of development in the roadmap?

What are the phases of development in the roadmap?


This phase represents progress already made in the road to the Blockchain Application Platform, between Core versions 0.1.0 to 1.0.0:

  • Introduces the new API (Core),
  • Changes database system from SQLite to PostgreSQL (Core)
  • Rewrites database module (Core) Added the database migration system (Core)
  • Ensures atomic block persistence (Core)
  • Adds support for verified database snapshots (Core)
  • Adds transaction pool system (Core)
  • Adds broadcasting mechanism (Core)
  • Rewrites the p2p module utilising SocketCluster (Core)
  • Completes the multi-signature group and transaction solution (Core)
  • Adds delegate passphrase encryption (Core)
  • Adds minimum version support (Core)
  • Introduces block rewards for delegates (Protocol)
  • Adds data field support to ablance transfers (Protocol) Introduced the fork recovery mechanism (Protocol)
  • Introduces a block versioning mechanism (Protocol)

Quality & Performance

  • Improves API and vote verification performance.
  • Improves developer experience by adding benchmarking of nodes, allowing multiple networks per build, moving Lisk Build to Lisk Core, improving the configuration migration system for releases.
  • Focuses on improving developer tooling (adding New Relic benchmarking of nodes, allowing multiple networks per build)and developer experience (migrating elements to TypeScript for the added benefits of type-checking, mono-repo structure in Lisk Elements, moving Lisk Build to Lisk Core).

Architecture & Design

  • Implements of a new modular and resilient architecture for Lisk Core, bringing multi-process support and elegant handling of protocol change. After this phase, Lisk Core will be architecturally stable and developers can begin using our Alpha SDK.
  • Completion brings Alpha SDK.

Security & Reliability (entering the Alpha SDK phase)

  • Brings the guarantee that blocks will not be reverted after 150 confirmations, mitigating transaction replays, adding scalable peer connections, fee estimation element for dynamic fees developed in Lisk Elements.

Network Economics

  • Implements dynamic fees in Lisk Coreand chain component developed in Lisk Elements.

Network Longevity

  • Replaces address and block/transaction ID systems to secure immutability of the blockchain.
  • Implements the ability for the Lisk Network to handle changes elegantly in preparation for future significant changes to the network.

Delegated-Proof-of-Stake (entering the Beta SDK phase)

  • Brings improvements to our consensus mechanism, application bootstrap component developed in Lisk Elements.
  • Completion brings Beta SDK.

ICOs & Custom Tokens

  • Adds functionality to conduct ICOs added to Core, sidechain element developed in Lisk Elements, which on completion delivers our Release Candidate SDK.
  • Developers can build their proof-of-concept blockchain applications with the full support of Lisk Elements and Lisk Commander, but without sidechain communication.
  • Completion brings RC SDK phase.

Blockchain Application Platform

  • Sidechain communication between Lisk Core and application chains: Lisk Blockchain Platform is delivered.
  • Completion brings Production SDK phase.
Written by Lisk - Updated Nov 21