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Roadmap Overview

  • The roadmap has been designed with pragmatism in mind towards providing the easiest , most accessible and therefore attractive blockchain application platform for developers to build on.
  • We are creating the an industry-defining SDK, based on a solid foundation of clean architecture and design principles, upon which Lisk applications are optimally positioned to adapt its protocol to an ever changing environment.
  • We are focused on providing a fully-fledged and functioning ecosystem, combining progressive and innovative protocol change with tried and tested open source initiatives, always supported by marketing, business and community efforts.
  • The initial topics of focus on quality and performance, application architecture and design, are intended to minimise the “technical debt” imposed on Lisk’s core application and its proposed ecosystem of blockchain applications.
  • Due to the rigidity and immutability of blockchain technology, which make it difficult to bring about change to an existing protocol and implementation, it is very important that “technical debt” is minimised while the application platform is still in its infancy.
  • We are developing the Lisk protocol and its implementation into a “model” parent, one which developers should always feel comfortable about inheriting from.
  • The envisioned Lisk blockchain application platform is being designed in a way that blockchain application development is made easy and accessible to the widest body of developers possible. Our flexible, resilient and modular architecture will be one of the key traits developers will find the most appealing when compared to our competition.
  • The TypeScript migration, new application architecture, and design patterns introduced by our roadmap are all aspects developers can be excited about, as they will form the foundation from which their own applications will inherit from.
  • TypeScript helps us develop Lisk faster and more predictably than before.
  • The new application architecture creates the elasticity for applications to be easily extended with new behaviour, and scaled to utilise all available physical resources.
  • The design patterns provide “best practices” on how to solve some common issues faced in the development of a new application , e.g. how to persist objects, how to negotiate change, etc.
  • We are “baking in” the ability for Lisk and its applications to handle change elegantly and reliably throughout the entire ecosystem, during the later, more radical roadmap objectives and even beyond.
  • Prioritizing the SDK over sidechains means that we can start fostering the blockchain application ecosystem while we implement sidechain interoperability.
Written by Lisk - Updated Dec 21