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How are we ensuring objectives will be met in a streamlined and efficient manner?

  • Each phase represented on the roadmap is to be broken down into a strict release schedule, wherein changes are brought about to our Alphanet, Betanet and Testnet in smaller and easy to manage releases.
  • We have also changed the way in which we manage the team workload - our developers are now able to migrate between projects on demand, per objective on the product roadmap. This means we can shift our human resources to where we need it the most. Through this, we also broaden the technological knowledge and awareness within the entire team, keeping our developers constantly engaged.
  • The punctuality is also supported by the fact that all the ideation and research work has been done before implementation and integration and QA. As a result, our developers have a clear direction on how something needs to be implemented in order to meet an objective.
  • Releasing LIPs championed by Lightcurve during the initial stages for specific objectives as well as opening up community debate from the end of November means that each objective’s research will be completed prior to the development cycle.
Written by Lisk - Updated Nov 21