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What is Lisk Mainnet?

Lisk Mainnet (short for main network) is where the Lisk economy exists. On this network, Lisk users are able to transfer LSK tokens from one account to another, register accounts as delegates, vote for delegates or register blockchain applications. Current details of the main network can be viewed on Lisk Explorer.

The Lisk Mainnet stats are as follows:*

  • 463 distributed node operators
  • 7,220,294 block height
  • 130,654,411 supply of LSK tokens
  • 2,270,139 transactions
  • 82,343 votes for delegates
  • 1,760 delegates registered
  • 101 active forging delegates & 1,659 standby delegates
  • 29,200,836 LSK forged
  • 220,000 Lisk IDs with at least one transaction 


*When this data was taken on January 11, 2019

Written by Lisk - Updated Jan 11