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What gives LSK tokens their long-term value?

There are several features of LSK tokens that enable their value to increase over time. These include: its uniqueness, the continuous progression and potential of the platform, the team growth, the data the network has to process, the scarcity/inflation of the token, its purpose or use-case, the demand for the token, the security of the network and Lisk’s first-mover advantage.

At Lisk, we consider LSK a utility token that empowers the platform’s users.

Currently, among the transactions available on Lisk blockchain are:

  • Sending funds between IDs
  • Registering a delegate
  • Setup of a multi-sig account

Transactions in the future might include:

  • Registering an app
  • Updating an app
  • Sending tokens to or out of a sidechain

Projects, whose ICOs will be hosted on the Lisk network, will hold their crowdfunding in LSK token, thus creating demand for it. We also anticipate that sidechains that choose not to create their own custom token, will use LSK to perform transactions on the network.This will increase the market demand for LSK even more.

Written by Lisk - Updated Jan 10