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Why is the first batch of LIPs published as draft on GitHub without mailing list stage?

The first batch of published LIPs are representative of the research completed by Lightcurve which has been deemed complete by the Lisk Foundation. They are designed to “set the bar” on how our LIPs will be written and push development progress forward into an initial direction on our roadmap.

The LIPs have a “Draft” status within the GitHub repository. Therefore they are still open to feedback, change, rejection, and withdrawal.

Each LIP will be posted to its own thread of discussion on the Lisk Research forum. There will still be plenty of time for discussion before any network proposal is made.

We have updated the LIP Guidelines. Here are the main points of change:

  • The guidelines for reaching the status "Proposed" and for proposing a change to the network are less strict
  • A LIP reaches the status "Final" if it is implemented on the chain that is decided to be the Lisk blockchain by the Lisk Foundation.
  • The decision criteria of the Lisk Foundation are made more precise. Decisions with regard to instructing a third party to implement a LIP are based on technical and scientific arguments, feasibility and the objectives of the Lisk Foundation. Decisions with regard to accepting changes/forks are based on several factors, including the acceptance of nodes, delegates and exchanges. You can find the full version of LIP guidelines here.
Written by Lisk - Updated Jun 17