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Who is the LIP Editor?

  • The LIP editor is a representative of the Lisk Foundation, who can be contacted at
  • The LIP editor has the responsibility to ensure every LIP meets all the requirements stated in the LIP Purpose and Guidelines and makes the final decision on whether to merge a LIP into the LIPs repository.

We have updated the LIP Guidelines. Here are the main points of change:

  • The guidelines for reaching the status "Proposed" and for proposing a change to the network are less strict
  • A LIP reaches the status "Final" if it is implemented on the chain that is decided to be the Lisk blockchain by the Lisk Foundation.
  • The decision criteria of the Lisk Foundation are made more precise. Decisions with regard to instructing a third party to implement a LIP are based on technical and scientific arguments, feasibility and the objectives of the Lisk Foundation. Decisions with regard to accepting changes/forks are based on several factors, including the acceptance of nodes, delegates and exchanges. You can find the full version of LIP guidelines here.
Written by Lisk - Updated Jun 17