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What makes Lisk unique to other platforms?

Lisk is more than just a suite of developer tools. It’s an opportunity to become part of the biggest technological innovation since the Internet. Lisk aims to make blockchain technology more accessible with an SDK written in JavaScript, special focus on user experience, developer support and in-depth documentation.

The Lisk Foundation set itself the goal to inspire and educate entrepreneurs and developers alike. The ultimate goal is to bring talent into the blockchain industry by enabling developers to build the decentralized future with our SDK. Hereby, we will provide an easy entry to take people from the idea to the product.

Most alternative solutions are either single-blockchain based or are tailored for private blockchains. Lisk strives to offer the best of both worlds, with he Lisk mainchain providing stability and security while sidechains offer unlimited flexibility. This way, Lisk provides developers with an environment where they have full control to create their own blockchain network as a sidechain and don’t have to deal with the complexities of creating a blockchain network from scratch.

Written by Lisk - Updated Jan 10