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Why does Lisk use JavaScript?

JavaScript is an easy-to-use, simple and well-known language with a massive development community, great tools and fast production cycles. It has a strong open source culture and fits perfectly with the goal of Lisk to make blockchain technology more accessible and enable rapid application development in a growing blockchain community. Thanks to innovative projects like Node.js and React Native, developers can write web apps, native mobile apps, web APIs, server side processes and even desktop apps using JavaScript. We use and recommend bignumber.js, a JavaScript library which overcomes the limitations of JavaScript when working with large numbers.

Other advantages of JavaScript include:

  • Annual ECMAScript updates with real industry implementation - much faster language development than other popular counterparts like Python.
  • A widespread language, most popular by far, quote Stack Overflow Survey of 2018 of 100k developers
  • Strong individual creator and industry-level bases, one man projects and Silicon Valley giants (Facebook, Google, etc.)
  • Plenty of educational content
Written by Lisk - Updated Jan 10