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What are sidechains?

Lisk utilizes sidechain technology for the blockchain applications that are built using our SDK (Sidechain Development Kit).

Every sidechain is its own unique blockchain, connected to the Lisk mainchain, but operating independently from every other sidechain. This means that what happens on one sidechain will have no bearing on any other project. For example, a heavily congested sidechain, with a high volume of transactions, will have no effect on the speed of transactions on any other sidechain. It is in this way that sidechains solve the issue of scalability in blockchain technology. Furthermore, any potentially unstable softwares can be deployed and tested on their own sidechains without putting any other project at risk. Every sidechain can be customized to suit the unique requirements and desires of their developers. Aspects like consensus protocols, block size, transaction fees and much more can all be defined and customized by the developers that deploy and maintain their sidechain.

Sidechains allow developers to deploy their own white label blockchains that easily scale, at a lower cost and with a high level of security and stability.

Written by Lisk - Updated Jan 10