Max Kordek

Max is a futurist and thoroughbred entrepreneur who is interested in disruptive technologies. Having a rich experience in the blockchain industry and seeing the potential of blockchain-based applications, he co-founded Lisk. A blockchain application platform for JavaScript developers which caused a stir when it collected 14000 BTC in its crowd fund early 2016.

Oliver Beddows

Oliver is a full stack developer with over 15 years experience in developing web based e-commerce applications. He joined Crypti (Lisk's predecessor) in early 2015 as a tools developer, and went on to build tools such as the CryptiChain Blockchain Explorer and CryptiKit, a node deployment and management tool. He is a husband, father, amateur time-trialist, open-source advocate, and works tirelessly to build a better future for Lisk everyday.

Guido Schmitz-Krummacher

Guido is an experienced entrepreneur with more than 25 years of leadership experience in companies at different stages and segments. His background is international-law and economics (EMBA in finance) and he is based in Zug, Switzerland. Guido is interested in new technologies and is supporting start-ups engaged in blockchain-technologies at board level to set up their legal and financial environment.

The Lisk Foundation

Overseeing Lisk since 2016