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Lisk Berlin Meetup #2: Use Cases

May 4th, 2017 in Berlin

Our second Lisk Berlin Meetup featured two great speakers from Neufund and modum AG who explored blockchain use cases.



Joel Fernandez - Chief Operating Officer at Lightcurve and the head of community management for Lisk.

Marcin Rudolf - Co-founder and Chief Technological Officer at Neufund.

Stefan Weber - Chief Operating Officer at modum AG - in Zurich, Switzerland.



6 30 PM // Check In Begins

7 PM // Quick Introduction - Welcome Speech

7 10 PM // Joel Fernandez - Lisk: Digital Currencies and the Transfer of Value

7 20 PM // Marcin Rudolf - Neufund: Bridging the worlds of blockchain and venture capital

7 30 PM // Stefan Weber - Modum: Providing data integrity for transactions of physical assets

Panel Discussion; Q&A

7 45 PM // Max Kordek, Marcin Rudolf, Joel Fernandez, Stefan Weber

8 PM // Networking and Beers