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Lisk Berlin Meetup #3: Governance

Jun 13th, 2017 in Berlin

Welcome to the Lisk Blockchain Meetup in Berlin! On June 13th we had two speakers who shared with the audience a glimpse into the world of Blockchain Governance.



Tobias Schwarz - Full Stack Developer with Lisk ( He is currently working on lisk-js, a powerful javascript library for lisk which allows developers to interact with the core Lisk API, for retrieval of collections and single records of data located on the Lisk blockchain.

Ethan Frey - Head of developer tooling at Tendermint (, building the light client and an application framework to reduce development time and complexity when building a blockchain.

Yalda Mousavinia - Co-founder of Space Cooperative (, a California startup that is developing a platform to enable global collaboration on large-scale space missions. They plan to use blockchain to track mental and financial contributions within the cooperative network, in addition to a democratic voting process and peer review to verify work quality.



6 30 PM // Check In Begins

7 PM // Quick Introduction - Welcome Speech

7 10 PM // Tobias Schwarz - To be announced.

7 30 PM // Ethan Frey - From consensus to governance, enforcing collective decisions.

7 50 PM // Yalda Mousavinia - Cooperative Missions for a New Space Agency

8 PM // Open Discussion with Lisk Team and blockchain enthusiasts.

8 15 PM // Networking and Beers