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Lisk Berlin Meetup #4: Financials

Jul 18th, 2017 in Berlin

At our Lisk Berlin Meetup on July 18 2017, we dove into the financial aspects of blockchain with speakers Thomas Schouten of Lisk, Benjamin Jones of Bitwala and Nicolas Berger of Winding Tree. 



Thomas Schouten, Marketing Lead of Lisk, is one of the first non-developers on the team and has great interest for disruptive technologies and the potential of blockchain technology. With his background in business and marketing, he is responsible for the ideation, development and execution of marketing strategies for Lisk.

Benjamin Jones, CTO at Bitwala, is a self-taught programmer with a passion for JavaScript and blockchain.

Nicolás Berger, Co-founder and Engineer at Winding Tree, is looking forward to a world where travel is not dominated by just a few companies. He loves functional programming & property-based testing (contributes to test.check) and uses simplicity as a tool for building complex systems.



6 30 PM // Check In Begins

7 PM // Max Kordek - What is Lisk/June Re-cap

7 10 PM // Thomas Schouten - Changing funding mechanisms in a tokenized future.

7 30 PM // Benjamin Jones - The transfer of value between two worlds.

7 50 PM // Nicolas Berger - Testing the financials of a new token with more than examples: Using stateful property-based testing to check the behavior of (or find bugs in) the Winding Tree LifToken and LifCrowdsale smart contracts.

8 PM // Open Discussion with Lisk Team and blockchain enthusiasts.

8 15 PM // Networking and Beers