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Global Blockchain Summit 2017

Sep 14 - 16th, 2017 in Shanghai

Lisk's 2017 Asia Tour commenced in Shanghai with Wanxiang Blockchain Lab’s third annual Global Blockchain Summit. We spent the first day attending keynote sessions and meeting other Blockchain professionals, learning about the cryptocurrency landscape in China, South Korea, Japan and Australia, especially in regards to the current regulatory environment. A great deal of time was spent networking with and educating investors, capital funds, press and media. 


Among them were Remington Ong of Fenbushi Capital, Ronny Boesing and Aviva Õunap of OpenLedger, Johnson Zhao of NEO, Oleg Ivanov and Andrew Yudin of Crypto Bazar, and many more. BTC Media conducted a short interview with Thomas about Lisk and the future of Blockchain technology. Thomas also spoke to Bryce Wells of BTC Media regarding a possible collaboration to co-host Blockchain events and hackathons around the world.