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Developer Resources

  • Lisk GitHub - Source code for all software products of Lisk.
  • Lisk npm packages - Lists all NPM packages published by LiskHQ.
  • Community Tools - Spreadsheet of 80+ community built tools, wallets and scripts to help make your life easier.
  • Lisk Academy - A comprehensive and unbiased educational platform on blockchain technology.
  • Lisk Research - Learn about the process and the proposed improvements to the Lisk protocol.
  • Roadmap - Explore Lisk's development roadmap towards the production SDK.
  • News - Links to the latest news about Lisk, updated weekly.
  • Lisk Events - Information on upcoming events.

Join the Community

  • Subscribe to the Lisk newsletter - For updates straight to your inbox.
  • Research Forum - Propose and discuss technical improvements to the Lisk Protocol.
  • Lisk Discord - Get you questions answered quickly by LiskHQ and community members.
  • Lisk Twitter - Follow us on Twitter for daily updates.
  • Lisk Reddit - Join our Reddit community to start new discussions with other Lisk enthusiasts.
  • Lisk Youtube - Video content that outlines our vision, products, updates as well as educational content to learn about blockchain from the Lisk Academy.

What's next?
Lisk SDK