Lisk Client

Provides a default set of Elements for use by clients of the Lisk network.

The Client package is a collection of the following packages:

Lisk Elements will include a lot of different packages in the future, which can be plugged in to application as desired.

For better usability Lisk Elements provides special wrapper packages like lisk-client, which group packages that are often used in the same context.


Add Lisk Client as a dependency of your project:

$ npm install @liskhq/lisk-client


npm update @liskhq/lisk-client


Import using ES6 modules syntax:

import lisk from '@liskhq/lisk-client';

Or using Node.js modules:

const lisk = require('@liskhq/lisk-client');

Or import specific namespaced functionality:

import { APIClient, transactions } from '@liskhq/lisk-client';
// or
const { APIClient, transactions } = require('@liskhq/lisk-client');