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Lisk Mobile documentation

Lisk Mobile is the official LSK wallet for smartphones.
Lisk Mobile is a cross-platform application written in React Native and primarily built for iOS and Android.


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Send and request LSK tokens

Lisk Mobile offers different options for token transfer:

QR-Code scanner


The QR-Code scanner needs access to the camera in order to work.

Request LSK by generating a corresponding QR-Code.
The QR-Code can then be scanned directly from the display, or shared via email or the personal messenger app of choice.

When sending LSK, the user has the option to scan a QR-Code.
In that case, the form will be prefilled with the predefined values for recipient of the transaction, amount of LSK and an optional reference.

Request LSK

Send LSK

3D Touch and App Shortcuts

Quick way to perform most popular actions of Lisk Mobile, without the need to open the app first.


For iOS devices, this is called "3D Touch", whereas Android calls the concept "App Shortcuts"

Possible actions:

  • Send LSK
  • Request LSK



iMessage Extension

Users with iOS devices can send and receive LSK via the instant messenger iMessage, without leaving the iMessage app.


The iMessage feature can only be used, if a biometric authentication method like Touch ID or Face ID has been enabled for Lisk Mobile.

Demo videos:

Request Lisk Tokens via iMessage

Answer to request via iMessage

Lisk URL

Quickly send LSK or request LSK, by utilizing Lisk URLs.
By clicking on the respective link, it will open Lisk Mobile on the desired page and with predefined values.

Send LSK
Request LSK

Account creation

Lisk Mobile offers the possibility to freshly create a new Lisk ID, in case the user doesn't have an Account, yet.

Create account

Sign in

Account activity

View the details of previous transactions on the dashboard in a chronological order.
Click on the transaction to view further transaction details of that particular transaction.

The Lisk URL to display a specific transaction:


Account activity

Transaction details


The following settings are available:

  • Security
    • Authentication methods: Alternative login methods
      • Touch ID (only visible, if smartphone supports it)
      • Face ID (only visible, if smartphone supports it)
    • Discreet Mode: For use in public.
      • On: Blurs all transaction amounts and account balance.
      • Off: No blur.
  • General
    • About Lisk: Information about the app, like version and website.
    • Dark Mode: Dark theme for Lisk Mobile
      • On: Lisk Mobile in dark theme.
      • Off: Lisk Mobile in light theme.
    • Currency: Convert LSK amounts to another currency.
      • € (EUR)
      • $ (USD)
    • Terms of Use: Read the terms of use.
  • Sign out: Sign out of Lisk Mobile

Discreet Mode

The discreet mode blurs the sensitive information inside Lisk Mobile.
It can be enabled on the Settings page.
This helps protecting your privacy, e.g. when using Lisk Mobile at public places.

Following information gets blurred:

  • account balance
  • transaction amounts

Discreet Homepage

Discreet transaction details

Dark mode

The theme of Lisk Mobile can be changed on the Settings page.

Currently available themes for Lisk Mobile:

  • light theme
  • dark theme

Dark theme

Light theme


Bookmarks save other Lisk addresses in Lisk Mobile like in an address book.
To save a Lisk ID as bookmark, it is needed to specify a unique identifier, e.g. the name of the person, who owns the respective Lisk ID.

When sending LSK to another account with Lisk Mobile, you will be prompted automatically, to add the address to your bookmarks.


In case you don't want to save the address as bookmark, leave the label field empty.

To bookmark an account manually, go to "Bookmarks" page and hit the "+"-button.
Then define the respective address and a label to be associated with that address.
To save the bookmark, hit the "Add to bookmarks"-button.


The user can choose conveniently between the existing bookmarks, while sending tokens with Lisk Mobile.

Add new bookmark

Bookmark added

Login methods

Login with passphrase

Default way to log in to Lisk Mobile. Insert your passphrase and hit the login button.

Login with Fingerprint

This function can be enabled on the Settings page of Lisk Mobile, if the device supports biometric login methods.

Login via Face ID

This function can be enabled on the Settings page of Lisk Mobile, if the device supports biometric login methods.

Contribute to the Codebase

Everyone is invited to contribute to the Lisk Core project. We welcome and appreciate all contributions.


All necessary information can be found on our Lisk Mobile Github.

Contribution Guidelines

Please be sure to read and follow our Contribution Guidelines.


If you have any further questions please join our Gitter.