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Lisk Hub Features

Network Switcher

Opens the login page and enables the network switcher options.


Send Transactions

Opens the wallet and prefills the send form with recipient and amount.

As an example we use 16313739661670634666L for the address and 5 LSK for the amount:

Sign Messages

Opens the sign message form and prefills it with your message.

As an example we use my message:
lisk://sign-message?message=my message


Makes voting for delegates easier.
lisk://main/voting/vote?votes=genesis_77,genesis_79&unvotes=genesis_51 or

will open the Lisk app and automatically select the delegates thepool and for upvoting and genesis_51 for unvoting.

❗️ Please keep in mind that we don't use the /main route anymore but some websites still rely on an old url so we are allowing /main in this particular case main/voting/vote.