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Lisk Hub for Developers

This page provides documentation for developers about how to run Lisk Hub from Source.


System requirements

  • Ubuntu 16.04 (LTS) x86_64 or later
    • MacOS 10.12 (Sierra) or later


git clone # clone the Lisk Hub repository
cd lisk-hub
npm install # install dependencies
npm run dev # start development version of Lisk Hub

Open http://localhost:8080 in a browser, to verify that the installation was successful.
To enable the network switcher, use http://localhost:8080/#/?showNetwork=true.

If you are actively developing in a specific route, and want to be autologged in everytime you reload the page, please add the following to localStorage:

localStorage.setItem('liskCoreUrl', 'http://localhost:4000') // desired node to log in into
localStorage.setItem('loginKey', 'wagon stock borrow episode laundry kitten salute link globe zero feed marble') // desired account passphrase

User Guide


npm run build



Start the Electron client. Before starting you need to make sure the application is built.
If you need to build the entire application, run

npm run build

as mentioned before. And if you want to solely build the Electron app, run

npm run build-electron

Then, to launch Electron, you can run

npm run start

Then, to launch the version with hardware wallet, you can run

npm run dev-hardware-wallet

To launch Electron that gets live updates from already running webpack-dev-server on port 8080, you can run

LISK_HUB_URL="http://localhost:8080" npm run start


Build package for Windows (on Windows in Git BASH).

npm run pack:win


Build package for macOS (on macOs)

npm run pack 


Build package for Linux (on Linux).

npm run pack 

React Storybook

To launch storybook sandbox with components run

npm run storybook

and navigate to localhost:6006


Run unit tests

Single run
npm run test
Run each time a file changes
npm run test-live

Run end-to-end tests

To run e2e tests you need to install Lisk Core.

Setup Lisk Core

Setup a Lisk node from Source, as described in

And connect to devnet with it (localhost:4000)


Start the development version of Lisk Hub:

npm run dev

Apply blockchain snapshot

./test/ ~/git/lisk/

(replace ~/git/lisk/ with your path to Lisk Core)

Run e2e tests

npm run cypress:run

What's next?
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