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Lisk Elements Documentation

Table of contents

Setup Upgrade User Guide
Pre-Installation via NPM API Client
Installation from Source Constants
via CDN Cryptography

Lisk Elements is a collection of JavaScript libraries containing several separately-installable modules, each covering a distinct region of Lisk-related functionality.

Lisk Elements includes:

  1. A set of Lisk-related constants.
  2. Relevant cryptographic functions.
  3. Mnemonic passphrase helpers.
  4. Functions for creating, signing and verifying transactions.
  5. An API client for interacting with nodes on the Lisk network.

Contribute to the Codebase

Everyone is invited to contribute to the Lisk Elements project. We welcome and appreciate all contributions.


All necessary information can be found on our Lisk Elements Github.

Contribution Guidelines

Please be sure to read and follow our Contribution Guidelines.


If you have any further questions please join our Gitter.

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