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Lisk Core Source Administration

This section details how to manage a Source installation of Lisk Core. Source installations for use in production are recommended to use a process manager. PM2 is included in the installation document and will be used in this reference.

Command Description
pm2 start --name lisk app.js Starts Lisk using app.js
pm2 stop lisk Stop Lisk using app.js
pm2 restart lisk Restarts Lisk using app.js
pm2 delete lisk Stops Lisk processes and cleans up pm2 entries for Lisk
pm2 logs Displays the logs of the Lisk process

Start Source Install with PM2

pm2 start --name lisk app.js

After the process is started, its runtime status and log location can be retrieved by issuing the following command:

pm2 show lisk

To stop Lisk after it has been started with pm2, issue the following command:

pm2 stop lisk

Restart Source Install with PM2 (useful for reloading changes to config.json)

pm2 restart lisk

Delete Source Installation with PM2 (useful if removing Lisk Core or rebuilding the source installation entirely)

pm2 delete lisk

View Realtime Logs (useful for troubleshooting issues)

pm2 logs

NOTE: The port, address and config-path can be overridden by providing the relevant command switch:

pm2 start --name lisk app.js -- -p [port] -a [address] -c [config-path]

Rebuild source installation from a snapshot

In some scenarios it is recommended to restore the blockchain from a snapshot. The command blocks below will perform this process. The URL can be substituted for another blockchain.db.gz snapshot file if desired.


pm2 stop lisk
dropdb lisk_main
createdb lisk_main
gunzip -fcq blockchain.db.gz | psql -d lisk_main
pm2 start lisk


pm2 stop lisk
dropdb lisk_test
createdb lisk_test
gunzip -fcq blockchain.db.gz | psql -d lisk_test
pm2 start lisk

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