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Lisk Core Source Upgrade

This section details how to upgrade Lisk Core from source. If you wish to migrate a 0.9 node to Lisk Core 1.0, we recommend you to go directly to the Migration page for a full step-by-step guide.


Before any upgrade process, we strongly recommend you to check always your config.json file. For example, the upgrade from 0.9 to 1.0 includes many changes which turns this step into an important one that requires your attention. See this document for further reference.

Please follow the instructions specific to the network (Mainnet or Testnet) that your node is connected to.

Stop the node:

pm2 stop lisk

Pull the latest tagged release using Git from your Lisk Directory and install node modules.


git pull master
npm install


git pull testnet-master
npm install

Start the node:

pm2 start lisk

You have to enable forging manually after upgrade. Please follow this guide to enable forging on your delegate node for further details.