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Lisk Core Docker Upgrade

Upgrade minor versions

To upgrade a Lisk installation using Docker Compose you simply need to export the new version number in ENV_LISK_VERSION.

Example: Upgrade from Lisk Core 1.5 to 1.6 by executing:

export ENV_LISK_VERSION=1.6.0
docker-compose up -d

To upgrade the Lisk installation run docker-compose up -d.

Upgrade major versions

For major version upgrades, there can be additional changes in docker-compose.yml.

In this case, Lisk Core provides an updated version of docker-compose.yml in the Lisk Core repository on Github, inside the docker folder:<CURRENT_VERSION>/docker

(Where <CURRENT_VERSION> is the version tag of the version you want to upgrade to.)

Use this file as a new template for your docker-compose.yml.

The rest of the upgrade process is analog to the minor version upgrade.

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