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Lisk Core Docker Installation

Get configuration & Makefile

Clone the Lisk Repository. It contains a directory docker with the following files:

  • Makefile
  • docker-compose.yml
  • .env.{network}

The .env-files are examples, where {network} stands for the lisk network you want to connect.

su - lisk # switch to lisk user
git clone # clone the repository
cd lisk/docker # navigate into docker directory

Set environment variables

In order to connect to the lisk network, the environment variables need to be set accordingly.
Copy the environment variables of the network you want to connect to:

cp .env.{network} .env

Coldstart Application

make coldstart

You can then use docker-compose to see the status of your Lisk installation:

docker-compose ps

As next step, check out Docker Administration to learn how to manage your Node.