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Lisk Commander User Guide

This guide details important information on how to use and configure Lisk Commander.


This section provides a greater understanding of the config.json file and a description of each parameter. The file is stored by default in your home directory, nested inside a .lisk-commander directory. If you would prefer to store it elsewhere, run Lisk Commander with the environmental variable LISK_COMMANDER_CONFIG_DIR set to the path of your choice.

    "json": true, // Provide output as json if set to true, otherwise output is table.
    "api": {
        "nodes": [], // Specify nodes to send requests.
        "network": "main"  // Specify a default network. It can be "main", "test", "beta" or custom nethash.
    "pretty": false // Pretty print JSON output if set to true.

Some elements of this configuration can be overridden on the command line using the following options:

Setting Option
Use JSON output --json
Use table output --no-json
Pretty print JSON --pretty
Do not pretty print JSON --pretty false


Pass arguments and options directly from the command line. E.g.:

 $ lisk delegate:get lightcurve  --json

What's next?
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