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Lisk Commander Setup


Lisk Commander requires Node.js as the underlying engine for code execution. This document describes how to install Node and NPM for installation via NPM.

Determine if your platform can run Node

Supported Platforms
  • Windows 10
  • macOS
  • Linux
Not Supported
  • Platforms without NodeJS versions 8.3 and above.

Install Node

Node.js is supported on most operating systems. Follow the instructions for your operating system on the Node.js downloads page.
Lisk-Commander requires Node.js versions 8.3 or above.
NPM is automatically installed along with Node.js.

Verify Node installation

Confirm that Node.js and NPM have been successfully installed by running

node --version
npm --version


This section details how to install Lisk Commander for a given distribution. If you have satisfied the requirements from the Pre-Installation section, you can proceed with the type of installation you would like to perform from the table below.

Install Lisk Commander via NPM

To install the latest version of Lisk Commander as a global command, please proceed with the following:

npm install --global --production lisk-commander

Upon successful completion, NPM will add the Lisk Commander executable to your PATH.

Install Lisk Commander from Source

Clone the Lisk Commander repository using Git and install the dependencies:

git clone
cd lisk-commander
git checkout master
npm install
npm run build

Adding the Lisk Commander executable to your PATH


If you have installed Lisk Commander globally via NPM (see Install Lisk Commander via NPM), following the instructions in this section is not recommended as they will introduce conflicts.

If you would like to add the lisk executable to your PATH you have two options: option 1 will install the current state of the code you are installing globally, while option 2 will only link to the code and therefore automatically reflect changes you make going forward.

1. Install globally

Running this command from within the repository will add Lisk Commander to your global NPM packages, and add the lisk executable to your PATH. Be aware that any previous globally installed Lisk Commander version will get overridden with this local version.

npm install --global --production

Note that you will have to repeat this process for each subsequent build of Lisk Commander.

The other option is to ask NPM to create a symlink in the global folder that links to the package.

npm link

This will also add Lisk Commander to your PATH, but you won't have to repeat the process if you pull or create a new build. Be aware that any previous globally installed lisk-commander version will get overridden with this local version.

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