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Lisk Products

Here you will find our technical documentation as well as comprehensive guides to help you start using Lisk as quickly and seamlessly as possible. There are plenty of additional resources available in this section, should you require any further support.

A detailed, technical explanation of the Lisk Protocol, its underlying logic and the concepts behind it, those are: consensus algorithm, security, blocks, transactions and p2p communications.

Lisk Core is a tool designed for advanced technical users who want to access Lisk’s network blockchain data, secure the network infrastructure or attain delegate forging access.

Lisk Elements is a collection of libraries, such as shared cryptography, API Client, transaction methods for local signing, passphrase utilities, as well as important constants for the ecosystem.

Lisk Commander is a CLI to the Lisk Core APIs. In the future it will support bootstrapping and managing sidechains. It aims to be a low entry point and the most convenient tool for developers.

Lisk Hub is an all-in-one solution to manage your Lisk ID, access and send LSK tokens, as well as vote for delegates. It combines the functionality, design and a blockchain explorer.

Lisk Explorer is the tool for visualising and presenting the information and activity on the Lisk blockchain, both past and present. It enables the Lisk Clients to a greater view of the data.

Lisk Mobile is a smartphone wallet offering standard transaction and account balance functions and smartphone features like Face ID and Touch ID for improved UX.