Test Network Installation! For installing Lisk Node on the Main Network, see Binary - Main Network.

This tutorial describes how to install the Lisk Node using pre-built binary packages. When completed, you will have a functioning installation on the Lisk Test Network.

If you are looking to upgrade your current Lisk Node installation, please see the section Upgrading Binary - Test Network.

Login to the Lisk user

This user was created in the Binary - Prerequisites Section. If you are already logged in to this user, please skip this step.

su - lisk

Execute the installation script

bash install -r test

You will be prompted for your installation directory, pressing enter will choose the default.

Accessing Lisk

To access the Lisk web client, open a browser and navigate to one of the following depending on the network:


The Lisk web client should launch successfully.

If you are not running Lisk locally, you will need to follow the Configuration - API document to enable access for yourself.

With all of the above steps complete you are ready to move on to the configuration documentation if you wish to enable forging or SSL. Please see Lisk SSL Configuration for more information.

What's next?
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