If you are running your Lisk Node from a local machine, you can enable forging through the web client, without further interruption.


Should the Lisk node or machine need to be restarted, you will need to re-enable forging again.

Follow these instructions to access config.json and make the edits listed below.

Arrow down until you find the following section:

     "forging": {
        "force": false,
        "secret": [],
        "access": {
            "whiteList": [

The following parameters should be configured for Testnet and Mainnet -- In the forging section you will see an access property, this is used to allow only your IP address to enable forging through the web client or by API.

Forging Access

 "access": {
  "whiteList": ["","REPLACE_ME"] // Replace with the IP which you will use to access your node

For local development networks, it is recommended to insert the passphrase in the config.json for testing.

Forging by Secret

 "forging": {
  "secret" : ["YourDelegatePassphrase"] // Replace with your delegate passphrase

After you have made your changes. Hit: Ctrl+ X Then: Y

At this point, your changes are complete and you can return to the Configuration - General document for information on how to start Lisk up for your environment.

What's next?
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