Building blockchain applications with the Lisk SDK

The "Build Blockchain" category contains all the guides related to the development of a blockchain application.


The Quickstart guide describes in a few simple steps how to set up a blockchain application and how to start it successfully for the first time.

Guides for building blockchain applications

The Hello World application

How to create a very simple blockchain application by using the example of the "Hello World" blockchain application, which allows users to save hello messages in their accounts.

The following guides each focus on developing a specific part of the Hello application.

  1. Creating a new blockchain application: How to bootstrap a default blockchain application.

  2. Creating a new module: How to create a new module and how to add it to the application. In the example, the HelloModule will contain all on-chain logic related to the hello message.

  3. Creating a new asset: How to create a new asset and how to add it to a module.

  4. How to create a new genesis block: How to generate a new genesis block for a blockchain application. In the example, the HelloAsset saves hello messages of users into their accounts, if they send a corresponding transaction.

  5. Creating a new plugin: How to create a new plugin and how to add it to the application. In the example, the HelloPlugin will contain one action, which will return the latest hello message which was sent to the network, and its sender address.

  6. How to configure a blockchain application: Examples and descriptions how to configure a blockchain application.

The following image provides an overview of the "Hello" application:

hello overview

These guides explain how to include and use different plugins in the application.