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Lisk Core 1.0

Bridging you to our decentralized blockchain network

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Features Built for You

Carefully chosen to offer you exceptional security, flexibility and scalability

New API & Design

Introducing REST, a powerful and user-friendly API that will vastly lower the barrier to entry for blockchain adoption.

Real-time Peers

Our brand new P2P layer uses a real-time framework provided by SocketCluster, designed to easily scale hosts.

Transaction Memo

An entirely new data field providing you the option to include a custom message (64 bytes in length) with your transaction.

Atomic Block Writes

Fully Atomic Block Writes guarantee the highest level of security together with significantly improved processing efficiency.

Code Quality Recognition

Continuously ranked in the top five of over 200 blockchain projects by Darpal Rating's code audit team.

1st Place

January 2018

1st Place

February 2018

2nd Place

March 2018

2nd Place

April 2018

4th place

May 2018

5th Place

June 2018

Release Statistics*

31 months of development

41 contributors

1,162 closed issues

951 merged pull requests

8,125 commits

81,568 lines of tests

17,828 total file changes

1,268,806 lines of code added

764,796 lines of code deleted

504,010 total lines of code

*These numbers are cumulative and include all changes that went into making Lisk Core 1.0, including previous releases going back to the first commit

The Core Team

Lisk 1.0 Tool Suite

A general purpose JS library.

The command line tool

A desktop app for storing and sending LSK tokens

Explore Lisk Core 1.0

The application connecting you to the Lisk network