Grow the Lisk Ecosystem

Receive funding

One-time funding of 5,000 CHF for proof of concept applications.

Maintain full ownership

You will maintain all rights over your submissions.

sdk icon
Build with the Lisk SDK

All proof of concepts must be developed on their own blockchain using our Lisk SDK.

Apply more than once

You can enter the Lisk Builders Program multiple times.

Submission Guidelines

It's easy to submit your proof of concept ideas. Don't worry, if you aren't picked this month you will be automatically re-evaluated next month.

1. Brainstorm

What use-case do you want to solve with your proof of concept blockchain application? Great ideas have a higher chance of getting selected.

2. Apply

Please apply by providing us with your full name, Discord username, GitHub link and a description of your proof of concept blockchain application idea.

3. Wait

Each month we pick the top submissions and distribute the funding. If you aren't chosen this month it is possible for you to be chosen in the future.

Previous Participants

The Lisk Builders Program has already funded several proof of concept blockchain applications.

Lisk Bike

A decentralized bicycle sharing marketplace

By Lisk Center Utrecht


A decentralized archive for storing and verifying websites

By Sidechain Solutions