All Information at a Glance

Number of Participants

Up to two proof of concept blockchain applications are being chosen each month, depending on the number of quality submissions.


One-time funding of 2,500 Swiss francs for each proof of concept blockchain application. Paid out once all requirements are met.


The proof of concept blockchain application should be developed within a six-weeks timeframe.

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All proof of concept blockchain applications must be developed on their own blockchain using our Lisk SDK. A user interface should be developed as well.


Lisk provides a variety of support and resources to build your proof of concept:

  • You and your project are featured on the Lisk blog.
  • We tweet several times about your project and share it on our social media.
  • Earn 2500 Swiss francs in LSK tokens.
  • Opportunity to present your project on the weekly LCU meetups to other blockchain developers.
  • Your project will be featured on the Lisk Builders Program and Apps pages.

Minimum delivery

All these points have to be fulfilled, in order to receive the Lisk Builders grant.

  • The proof of concept blockchain application must be developed on its own blockchain using the Lisk SDK.
  • The complete code of the application needs to be public on GitHub.
  • The proof of concept has to be delivered with at least a minimal user interface.
  • To complete the project, the participant needs to write a blog post about their work and experience.

How it Works

Please always apply before the last Sunday of a month!

1. Brainstorm

What problem do you want to solve with blockchain technology? Get some inspiration from previous Lisk Builders. As we embrace to have a big variety of use cases that are developed in the Lisk Builders program, unique ideas have a higher chance of getting selected.

2. Familiarize with Lisk

Familiarize yourself with the Lisk SDK and the technology behind it. This will help you understand how you can realize your particular project with the Lisk SDK.

In order to start, we encourage you to check out our documentation. It provides various guides and tutorials to help you get started, as well as technical references of the Lisk SDK.

Lisk also has a helpful and supportive community that is happy to answer you on or the Lisk Dev forum, in case you have any feedback or questions.

3. Apply

Please apply by providing us with:

  • Your full legal name
  • Your username
  • A short description of your proof of concept blockchain application idea
  • A link to a document with an in-depth description of your idea including your motivation, a simple mockup of the user interface and the description of the custom transactions that need to be implemented for this use case.
  • The recommended length of the document is 2-3 pages.

4. Develop

Once you have been selected and announced as a participant, you have six weeks to develop a proof of concept blockchain application with the Lisk SDK. The blockchain application, including the user interface, needs to be open source. Troubles? Visit our documentation or the Lisk Dev forum.

item 3

5. Write

Write a concluding blog post on our blog which summarizes your experiences and explains your proof of concept blockchain application. You can also give regular updates to the Lisk community about your progress on Twitter or in the #projects channel on to receive valuable feedback and support during the development process.

6. Contact us

Let us know when you finished the development of your proof of concept blockchain application and wrote a blog post about it. We will then transfer the funding and publish your post on our blog.

Previous Participants

The Lisk Builders Program has already funded several proof of concept blockchain applications.

Lisk Bike

A decentralized bicycle sharing marketplace

By Lisk Center Utrecht


A decentralized archive for storing and verifying websites

By Sidechain Solutions


A decentralized proof of skills and achievements

By JesusTheHun


Decentralized Organization Chain

A decentralized funding and decision-influencing sytem.

By Korben3

Arcado Network

A decentralized reward system for multiplayer games.

By Michiel Mulders and Endro

Smart Inventory

A decentralized application tracking history and life path of valuable items.

By Lemii

Lisk DAO

A decentralized platform for the governance and operational processes of communities.

By Lisk Center Utrecht

Recurring Payments

A decentralized platform to build a deterministic contract between two parties.

By Moosty

Lisk Crowd

A decentralized regulated crowdfund platform.

By Moosty

Fit Market

A decentralized traceability solution for a healthy food market

By Sebastian Priolo

Disclaimer: Due to AML/KYC regulations each participant has to undergo a KYC procedure in order to receive the 2,500 Swiss francs in funding. This includes the full name, address and a scan of their valid passport or ID card.