All Information at a Glance

Number of Participants

Up to two proof of concept blockchain applications are being chosen each month, depending on the number of quality submissions.


One-time funding of 2,500 CHF for each proof of concept blockchain application. Paid out once all requirements are met.


The proof of concept blockchain application should be developed within a six-weeks timeframe.

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All proof of concept blockchain applications must be developed on their own blockchain using our Lisk SDK. A user interface should be developed as well.

How it Works

Please always apply before the last Sunday of a month!

1. Brainstorm

What problem do you want to solve with blockchain technology? Great ideas from active community members have a higher chance of getting selected.

2. Apply

Please apply by providing us with your full name, Discord username and a complete description of your proof of concept blockchain application idea.

3. On-boarding

Each month we select up to two submissions and begin on-boarding with a call. Participants agree to not disclose their participation before the official announcement made by Lisk.

4. Develop

You now have six weeks to develop a proof of concept blockchain application with the Lisk SDK. We don't have any special requirements for the user interface. Troubles? Visit our Lisk Dev forum.

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5. Write

Give regular updates to the Lisk community about your progress and write a concluding blog post which summarizes your experiences and explains your proof of concept blockchain application.

6. Contact us

Let us know when you finished the development of your proof of concept blockchain application and wrote a blog post about it. We will then transfer the funding and publish your post on our blog.

Previous Participants

The Lisk Builders Program has already funded several proof of concept blockchain applications.

Lisk Bike

A decentralized bicycle sharing marketplace

By Lisk Center Utrecht


A decentralized archive for storing and verifying websites

By Sidechain Solutions


A decentralized proof of skills and achievements

By JesusTheHun


Decentralized Organization Chain

Decentralized blockchain application built with the Lisk SDK allowing startups to receive funding and investors to influence company decisions.

By Korben3

Disclaimer: Due to AML/KYC regulations each participant has to undergo a KYC procedure in order to receive the 2,500 CHF in funding. This includes the full name, address and a scan of their valid passport or ID card.